Refurbishment / Replacement / Repair of sash Windows

Refurbishment, repair or replacement of any existing sash window can only be carried out after consultation with either a heritage consultant or a conservation officer within your local council.

Where possible we aim to preserve the existing sash windows and glass and will only replace materail where neccessary using the highest quality materails and techniques. This work may include:

Draught Exclusion

We can draught proof and stop rattle noise to your sash windows, using a highly efficient undetectable system to retain the authentic appearance of your windows.

The sashes are carefully removed from the window frame Sahes are refitted with 8mm wax coated sash cord. New parting bead is fitted with the brush pile draught elimination system. The meeting rail of the sashes are grooved to carry the brush pile system.

Timber staff beads are then fitted to the interior of the window frame with the brush pile system.
The fully functioning window is then replaced to your now more energy efficient home. This system can also be successfully fitted to old exterior doors.

Sound Reduction

With a unique combination of acustic glass, sound proofing materails and acustic seals, we can dramatically reduce noise pollution in your home. This technique is specific to our company.

Sash Window Inspection Checklist

Check the conditions of your Sash Windows by using the following checklist

Visible Defect

Hidden Defects

Visible Defect